The creation and development of ShotStat is collaboration between PGA instructors and technology professionals, all of which happen to be both golfers and parents. Our goal was simple; develop a system using the latest technology, which would help young players improve their game. Whether it’s a future college scholarship or competing to the best of their ability in high school, we are confident every young player can benefit from using the ShotStat Statistical Tracking System. In addition, we want to encourage young golfers by helping them improve their game. At ShotStat we believe the game of golf promotes strong foundational values like honesty, integrity, courtesy and self-respect. It’s these values we hope every young player will carry with them for life.

Our aim was to build a system with features like our Mobile Smartphone Application, Interactive Scoreboard and Player Profile Page, which allows all family members to keep up with their favorite player even when they can’t attend a tournament. Further, we made it affordable so everyone one could enjoy the benefits of our system.

Thank you for visiting ShotStat. We hope to welcome you as a subscribing member soon. And if you have any suggestions that will help us improve our products and services please email us your suggestions. Enjoy the Game